Intro to Competitive Pistol Shooting 2

Intro to Competitive Pistol Shooting 2

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Course Overview:

This Level 2 Competition Course is a comprehensive program that focuses on refining the fundamental shooting techniques learned in Level 1 and applying them in a competitive setting. Participants will gain a deeper understanding of advanced shooting principles, develop faster and more accurate target engagement skills, and learn effective strategies for navigating challenging stages.


Course Objectives:

1. Advanced Shooting Techniques: Participants will learn advanced shooting techniques such as speed reloads, shooting on the move, shooting from unconventional positions, and engaging multiple targets quickly and accurately.

2. Stage Planning and Strategy: Participants will develop the ability to analyze and strategize stages effectively. They will learn how to identify the most efficient shooting order, plan movement between shooting positions, and make split-second decisions during timed scenarios.

3. Mental Preparation: Competitive shooting requires a strong mental game. Participants will be taught techniques to improve focus, concentration, and mental resilience under pressure. They will also learn how to manage stress and maintain composure during matches.

4. Equipment Optimization: The course will cover equipment selection and optimization for competition shooting. Participants will learn about different firearm modifications, accessories, and gear setups that can enhance their performance on the range.

5. Match Etiquette and Rules: Understanding match etiquette and rules is crucial for successful participation in shooting competitions. Participants will become familiar with the specific rules of various competitive shooting organizations, ensuring they compete safely and within the guidelines of each discipline.



To enroll in the Level 2 Competition Course, participants must have successfully completed our Level 1 training or demonstrate equivalent proficiency in fundamental shooting techniques. It is recommended that participants have prior experience with shooting competitions or have attended a basic competition orientation course.

Equipment Requirements:

Participants are required to bring the following equipment to the course:

1. A reliable semi-automatic pistol chambered in an appropriate caliber for self-defense or duty use.
2. A minimum of three magazines or speed loaders.
3. A sturdy belt holster specifically designed for your pistol model.
4. Eye and ear protection (electronic hearing protection is recommended).
5. Ammunition (400-500 rounds).
6. At least 2 magazine holders


Required Ammunition:

400-500 rounds minimum


Additional Info:

Please bring your own drinks and snacks. There is no lunch break though there will be time for snacks.

For ages 18 and older.

Training related questions, email:

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