Tactical Rifle 3

Tactical Rifle 3

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Course Overview:
The Tactical Rifle Level 3 course is designed to provide advanced training for individuals who have already acquired a solid foundation in tactical rifle handling and marksmanship. This course will focus on enhancing the participants' skills in various tactical scenarios, including close-quarters combat, shooting on the move, and engaging multiple targets. The drills included in this lesson plan are intended to challenge participants and push them beyond their comfort zones, enabling them to become more proficient and confident in their tactical rifle abilities.

Course Objectives:
1. Enhance participants' proficiency in tactical rifle handling and marksmanship.
2. Develop participants' ability to effectively engage targets in dynamic and high-stress situations.
3. Improve participants' decision-making skills and situational awareness during tactical engagements.
4. Foster teamwork and communication among participants in a tactical environment.


Class Requirements:
1. Prerequisite:
- Successful completion of the Tactical Rifle Level 2 course or equivalent training from a recognized firearms training institution.
- Participants must be at least 18 years old (or meet any legal age requirements set by local laws).

Participants are required to bring the following equipment:
- Tactical rifle (semi-automatic)
- Sling for the rifle
- Minimum of three magazines
- Magazine pouches or chest rig
- Eye and ear protection
- Suitable clothing (long pants, closed-toe shoes)
- Hat or cap
- Water bottle or hydration system
- Note-taking materials



Required Ammunition:

- Participants are required to bring a minimum of 500 rounds of factory-loaded ammunition suitable for their tactical rifle.
- Ammunition must comply with local laws and regulations.



Additional Info:

Please bring your own drinks and snacks. There is no lunch break though there will be time for snacks.

For ages 18 and older.

Training related questions, email: info@theredbeardreport.com

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