CCW/Defensive Pistol 1 - July 27th

CCW/Defensive Pistol 1 - July 27th

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Course Overview:
The CCW/Defensive Pistol Level 1 course is designed to provide participants with the knowledge, skills, and mindset necessary to safely and effectively carry and use a concealed carry weapon (CCW) for personal defense. This course is suitable for individuals who have obtained their CCW permit or are considering doing so. The course will cover essential topics such as firearm safety, marksmanship fundamentals, defensive shooting techniques, and situational awareness.

Course Objectives:

1. Introduction to Concealed Carry and Defensive Pistol
- Overview of the course objectives and expectations
2. Firearm Safety and Fundamentals
- Basic firearm safety rules and procedures
- Understanding firearm components and operation
- Fundamentals of marksmanship (grip, stance, sight alignment, trigger control)
3. Concealed Carry Methods and Equipment
- Overview of different concealed carry methods (inside-the-waistband, outside-the-waistband, appendix carry, etc.)
- Selection and evaluation of holsters, belts, and other equipment
- Clothing considerations for concealed carry
4. Situational Awareness and Threat Assessment
- Developing situational awareness skills
- Identifying potential threats in different environments
- Understanding the importance of avoiding confrontations whenever possible
5. Defensive Shooting Techniques
- Drawing from concealment safely and efficiently
- Shooting from various positions (standing, kneeling, prone)
- Engaging multiple targets accurately and quickly
- Shooting on the move
6. Reloading and Malfunction Clearing Drills
- Reloading techniques under stress
- Clearing common malfunctions (stovepipe, double feed, failure to fire)
- Transitioning between primary and backup weapons (Where available)
7. Scenario-Based Training
- Simulated scenarios to test decision-making skills and application of learned techniques
- Stress inoculation drills to simulate real-life situations
- Dealing with multiple attackers, innocent bystanders, and other challenging scenarios

By the end of this course, participants will be able to:
1. Demonstrate a solid understanding of firearm safety principles and apply them consistently throughout the training.
2. Develop proficiency in marksmanship fundamentals, including proper grip, stance, sight alignment, and trigger control.
3. Perform reloads efficiently under stress and time constraints.
4. Understand basic tactical movement principles and apply them in simulated scenarios.


Course Requirements:
1. Participants must bring their own semi-automatic pistol or revolver, along with a minimum of three magazines or speed loaders.
2. Participants must have a sturdy belt and a suitable holster that covers the trigger guard completely.
3. Participants must bring at least 300 rounds of ammunition for their firearm.
4. Eye and ear protection are mandatory during all live-fire exercises.
5. Participants must wear appropriate clothing for range activities, including closed-toe shoes and clothing that covers the shoulders.


Required Ammunition:

200-250 rounds minimum



Additional Info:

Please bring your own drinks and snacks. There is no lunch break though there will be time for snacks.

For ages 18 and older.

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